Greater confidence for the veterinarian. Greater client satisfaction. Better treatment for the animal.

Veterinary DialogueTrainer is a valuable tool for anyone interested in improving veterinary client relations and patient care.

For veterinary practices

  • Prepares veterinarians and other practice team members for many types of conversations
  • Builds confidence and relieves anxiety of communicating about the most challenging topics
  • Improved communication enhances client satisfaction and loyalty
  • The gamification aspect fuels desire to improve and delivers satisfaction from succeeding

For academic institutions

  • A perfect complement to lectures and live simulations
  • Helps institutions overcome the challenge of not having enough time in curricula for clinical and communication skills training
  • Applicable for distance learning—reach more students and practitioners with the communication training they need

For animal health companies

  • An excellent value-added service to offer veterinary customers
  • Increases understanding and appreciation of diagnostic and treatment options
  • Helps position companies as leaders in promoting best medicine
  • Leads to better outcomes for practices, clients, patients and companies, alike