Client communication is both essential and challenging


Veterinarians experience depression and other mental health issues at a significantly higher rate than the general population. Solutions to this industry-wide problem have traditionally focused on raising awareness of mental health struggles and providing self-care strategies to veterinary professionals. The factors that contribute to poor mental well-being, however, are all too often overlooked.

That’s why The Mindful Practice was created—to examine the systemic causes of poor mental well-being and to start intervening in the veterinary environment in meaningful, actionable ways.

One tool designed to facilitate greater communication: our Veterinary DialogueTrainer (VDT) simulations, which provide training to veterinarians to help them have productive conversations in difficult situations.

Together, we can dig deeper into what else veterinarians say is important to their mental well-being and discuss how to intervene using improved communication and other positive actionable steps.

Most veterinarians enter the profession because they want to help animals, only to find out that 90% of the job is dealing with people!

Communication difficulties are a major cause of:

  • Client misunderstanding
  • Lack of trust in veterinary recommendations
  • Poor compliance with treatments
  • Client dissatisfaction
  • Failure to do what is best for the animal

Difficult communication topics include:

  • Cost discussions
  • Discussions about necessary tests
  • Vaccination discussions
  • Parasite prevention recommendations
  • Conversations about poor prognoses
  • Behaviour discussions

Veterinary professionals need a way to prepare for challenging communication in a safe and supportive environment. This is the beauty of Veterinary DialogueTrainer, which has been designed by veterinary professionals with an understanding and appreciation of the challenges of communication with clients.