Many veterinary professionals have already experienced the difference

Veterinary DialogueTrainer has already helped veterinary professionals in companion and farm animal practices improve their communication skills and confidence

How do you grade a conversation?

Assessing one’s communication skills can be difficult as it is often subjective. However, the Veterinary DialogueTrainer (VDT) makes this assessment possible through interactive simulations that evaluate one’s ability to engage with a client as a virtual conversation unfolds. VDT conversations are structured in objective ‘decision trees’, with one’s unique choices influencing the direction of the conversation and how it ‘branches out’ from the start.* Once the interactive scenario is completed, the participant receives a score along with feedback on what went well and areas in which they can improve.

*Decision trees are validated and enriched as training participants give feedback and suggestions.

Defining a goal

Evaluating communication behaviours begins with determining the intended goal of a conversation. Examples of such goals include how to effectively and respectfully deliver bad news, how to build relationships with clients and how to change a client’s mindset.

Scoring communication

VDT translates existing theory and important aspects of specific conversations into a scoring system. Here’s how it works:

  • The VDT platform is based on a collection of recurring constructs. These constructs follow definitive behaviors such as open-ended question, reflections and informative advice.
  • This platform also taps into psychology in assessing one’s communication behaviours and accounting for emotional responses like trust, openness and empathy.
  • As you proceed through a conversation, the dialogue advances through phases which follow a logical progression based on important dilemmas and corresponding decisions.
  • Appropriate decisions are graded favorably per phase of a conversation.

3 essential qualities for speaking with clients


One’s knowledge and competence as a veterinary professional. This communication quality is about performing to the gold standard of veterinary care.


One’s ability to ask, understand and adjust to the wants and needs of their clients. This communication quality also enforces the evolution we are seeing in the veterinary sector from illness to wellness.


One’s ability to show emotion, such as compassion, understanding and empathy. This communication quality focuses on a veterinarian’s ability to connect with a client, resulting in vet-client relationships built on trust and common ground.

As you continue to practice with the Veterinary DialogueTrainer, you will begin to find your communication skills improving when it comes to addressing dilemmas and challenges at your practice. To get started with VDT today, try the demo.

Some recent trainee experiences

Pilots learn to fly in a flight simulator before captaining the cockpit, while in contrast, veterinary professionals often have to learn the ropes in practice. Veterinary DialogueTrainer helps veterinary professionals worldwide practice their communication skills in a safe environment.

  • Communication is the true art of selling yourself and your services. Moving from being in a field sales role to a marketing manager role made me reflect on just how important what you communicate and how you communicate affects the outcome desired. The ability to use the Veterinary DialogueTrainer platform provides a safe environment to practice communication simulations with virtual customers that you can apply when out in the field. Using this platform supports the development of confidence, positioning of your communication message and the understanding of how the message is received. This is a great platform and will make a difference.

    MSD Animal Health Marketing Manager, Ruminants UK

  • The online training courses are always fun and educational. The fact that the topics are really current and reflect new challenging situations is an absolute plus!

    Veterinary Surgeon, the Netherlands

  • As a newly graduated veterinary nurse, I really benefited from using the Veterinary DialogueTrainer. It was nice to be able to practice different simulations in a safe environment

    Veterinary Nurse, the Netherlands